Semester 1—OCCT 504: Quantitative Paper and Reflection

In my first semester I was very interested in learning about stroke. I picked constrained induced movement therapy on upper extremity. I was fascinated by how constraint-induced movement therapy (CIMT) works, and wondered if it was really effective. I was skeptical before reading this article. The control group improved most on the Performance Time and the Functional Ability scale. When they compared the two groups (the treatment group and non-treatment group), the researchers saw a dramatic improvement with individuals who were a part of the CIMT group with regard to the quality and speed of movement in their paretic arm after the treatment in the CIMT group. It was also interesting to see a longitudinal study that gathered data by following up with the participants after four, eight, and 12 months.

I had a difficult time with APA formatting for my reference page and making sure the headings for each section were clear. I also struggled with the in-depth statistical analysis. Overall, I had a great time learning about this randomized clinical trial and this study taught me a lot about CIMT while attending various classes. I gained more understanding of how therapists typically implement a CIMT intervention and I was glad I chose this topic.