Semester 1—OCCT 506: Occupational Analysis Paper and Reflection

I thought I did really well with synthesizing the information and putting together everything I learned during the first semester. I thought the hardest part was going through the Occupational Therapy Practice Framework (OTPF) and deciding what information was applicable to a particular diagnosis. Going through the OTPF helps me to think about the client’s strengths and weaknesses from a holistic perspective. This really tested my knowledge of which areas of the body are affected by transient ischemic attacks and which areas are left intact. Researching what type of stroke my hypothetical patient had and then deciding on the appropriate interventions was interesting. Before doing this activity I didn’t know what a transient ischemic attack (TIAs) was, but I had fun learning. I felt like a did a really good job making sure to talk about every safety risk and figuring out the potential hazards.