Semester 1—OCCT 508: Professional Development Plan and Reflection

I was able to accomplish everything I said I was going to accomplish during my first year at Touro, except for attending the AOTA conference. I would have loved to go to the AOTA conference, but I wasn’t able to afford it. I completed my fieldwork with good marks thus far and I have been able to apply these theories to my fieldwork. I have applied the biomechanical approach to my Level I Fieldwork and now I feel confident I can apply theories, models, and frameworks to my fieldwork.

Thankfully, many of my journals were just that—applying these theories. I have worked out about three days a week, but there were some weeks I didn’t exercise at all. Some of these goals were feasible and some were not. Everything I wrote a year ago are things I want to accomplish and some of the ideas were exactly what I thought I might learn. The only thing I might change that seems unrealistic is memorizing the practice framework. The exercise goals might also be too ambitious as well; it will be interesting to see which of my goals I can accomplish.