Semester 2—OCCT 520: Child-based Group Case Study and Reflection

I enjoyed learning about autism. Finding research to support our interventions with Emily was my favorite part. I learned how children with Autism can benefit from programs that promote turn-taking, eye-contact, and verbal and non-verbal communication. We choose “Connect Four” to help Emily gain social skills and an activity she would enjoy. Connect Four was also educational for Emily and helped strengthen her cognitive skills. Learning more about Handwriting Without Tears was very fun and effective in helping children improve legibility including ability to write their first name. Daily picture schedules help develop the ability to transition from one activity to another and it also improves behavior. I really enjoyed picking activities that were appropriate for Emily. The hardest part of the entire case study was coming up with appropriate objectives for the goals we specified. I would like to do my first level II Fieldwork in a school, so I enjoyed these interventions for our client, Emily. It was hard to pick an activity that was individualized for Emily; we had so many ideas at first, it was hard to narrow it down.