Semester 3—OCCT 630: Occupational Profile and Reflection

It was difficult to gather information and synthesize information in a non-traditional setting. I really struggled with trying to incorporate all the problems this client presented and figure out which was most important. I only had one class that talked about psycosocial interventions and I felt like a single class didn’t equip me to problem-solve well very well in this particular setting. I had to do a lot of self-learning. When I was interviewing the client to obtain an occupational profile it was difficult to set priorities and desired outcomes because she had a plethora of goals, not all of which were realistic. Much of the time the client didn’t stay on topic and I had to rephrase the question in order to obtain a better answer. The answers to the questions were primarily qualitative information and it was hard for me to think objectively about the information when writing the occupational profile and analysis.