Semester 4—Club Day

Club Day helped me to strengthen my leadership abilities. I took the initiative to help make a flyer for Club Day to pass out to students. There were about 25 different school club groups trying to recruit new members. All the clubs require dues, so everyone was very selective. We set our booth up next to the Student Osteopathic Surgical Association (SOSA), which is one of the largest groups on campus with the most members. This gave me the opportunity to start pitching the benefits of joining Geriatric Interest Group (GIG) to students who were waiting in line to join the SOSA. It was frustrating that we only had 12 new people join our group, but that was better than nothing that day. I learned new strategies of attracting others to join our club; selling is a learned skill. Leadership involves being convincing, which I improved at over time as I honed my pitch. Part of leadership is leading others to join a cause for the greater good. That is what I was doing that day. I took a risk by attempting to recruit students who were waiting in line to join another club. Part of being a leader is taking a risk. I learned the importance of taking risks and using every opportunity.