Semester 4—OCCT 643: Systematic Review and Reflection

This assignment was one of the more difficult assignments to accomplish. Psychosocial interventions are not as effective for those who have severe dementia and are more effective for those who have mild dementia. I found this to be the most interesting aspect of our research. I was surprised with how many studies we found that did not have randomized or double blind studies in a randomized control study; this was a huge shock to me. I enjoyed learning about where more research is needed, but I was disappointed that there weren’t as many articles from the United States, and that many studies did not identify a participating occupational therapist. This was disappointing because I think that, as a profession, we need more OT’s to participate in studies like these; we need to advocate that we are qualified to participate in these studies. There should be research on further identifying conclusions and helping us answer our research question, “Do psychosocial interventions for caregivers for persons with dementia to increase caregiver well-being?” We concluded that the interventions discussed were not significant in improving caregiver well-being.