Semester 6—OCCT 650: Professional Development Plan & Reflection

Creating a professional development plan was was very taxing, but rewarding in the end. I am a dreamer; it was good to get all my dreams on paper and turn them into goals by establishing concrete objectives and setting a timeline for each to be met. I realized that through the many classes I’ve taken at Touro, I’ve developed the academic and personal resources necessary to make my dreams come to life. It is relieving to apply a date and measurable outcome to each of my goals. I enjoyed this assignment and hope to stick to this timeline. I am very goal-oriented and I’m driven to accomplish the things that I am passionate about, such as helping abused children. I believe I can accomplish a lot in a short period of time. Completing this professional development plan has taught me about my strengths and weaknesses as a leader and how to capitalize on my strengths. The most difficult part of this assignment was identifying goals for the first three years and trying to be realistic. I know that I can be ambitious, but I usually meet my goals if I am committed to them.