6th Semester - Three Square

I had a great time preparing enchiladas with my classmates at Three Square! We prepared enchiladas in the community kitchen. Three Square serves a wide variety of populations with their meals that they provide for the Las Vegas Valley. Three Square provides approximately 25 million meals per year to nearly 600 program partners (personal communication, March 15, 2014). Making enchiladas is considered social justice because we were helping provide meals for the hungry in our community. As occupational therapy students, we are meeting the needs of our community and fighting occupational deprivation by helping those who can’t afford a meal to receive one. I felt encouraged by our chef who was delegating tasks to us and helping us accomplish our task of making as many enchiladas as possible. I worked with my classmate, Gerrilynn Gobuyan. It was difficult for us to work together at first because we needed to communicate the entire time; we finally found a steady routine.

I really saw the importance of good teamwork at this event. As a team, we were able to accomplish many times what we would have accomplished individually. Finding a good team rhythm is crucial to accomplishing large tasks.


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